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An Essential Tool for Every Chef & Restaurateur!

A specialized software created from scratch for chefs, by a chef! The COSTOMENU is the most practical utensil a venturing professional will ever need- a simple and easy-to-use cost-management tool that saves time and money! Its straightforward structure and comprehensive scope are the reason why restaurateurs and chefs have selected it for the cost management of their businesses, while a great many culinary schools use it as an educational tool.

The New Era
in F & B Costing

COSTOMENU is a web-based application that easily calculates the cost of each of your recipes according to their ingredients and suggests selling prices based on your desired profit margins. At the same time, COSTOMENU simplifies your day-to-day workflow with handy lists and reports, all accessed through mobile or desktop devices at any time! With COSTOMENU, technology is at your service and lets you focus on what’s truly important- your art! For more details visit: