The Ingredients
of Passion for Gastronomy

iosif sikianakis

For the Rituals of Taste


Travelling is discovering, and cooking is an all-senses journey to times worth living and tastes worth savouring. Chef Iosif Sikianakis loves to create new menus, to participate in challenging projects and to share his love for the finest ingredients and cooking. Most of all, he wishes to create lasting collaborations and lifelong relationships with professionals of gastronomy. Let's work together.

iosif sikianakis

To Enchant your Senses

A constant adventure into aromas and tastes is the essence of gastronomy. Iosif Sikianakis started his very own culinary quest seeking the best ingredients, creating recipes with a twist, and cooking from his heart. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant island of Mykonos, the art of gastronomy embarks on a journey across the Aegean Sea to reach your plate and amaze you with the worldliness of Greek taste through cooking exclusively for you. 

iosif sikianakis

From a Dedicated Chef

“If you can’t find spring, you make it.” wrote our Nobel Winning Poet, Odysseas Elytis, and Chef Iosif Sikianakis has a restless spirit when it comes to proposing and organizing a gastronomic experience for you. A series of services with menus designed just for you and your special occasion is at your disposal to choose and organize the perfect gathering, event or party. Discover one by one the suggestions and the ideas of Iosif that create the perfectly tailor-made experience. Are you ready to meet Iosif?

iosif sikianakis

Restaurant Consulting & Private Cooking 

Iosif Sikianakis is always up for a challenge. By blending the ingredients of professionalism and positive attitude, always accompanied by a warm smile, and his years of extensive training, he can confidently cook up, upon request, an unforgettable culinary experience, perfect for sharing with your friends, or your restaurant’s customers.

Deliciously Creative Ideas

Gastronomy is a series of flourishing ideas, inspired by tradition and creativity, techniques and collaborations that lead to creations of taste never enjoyed before. There is always time to discover and share the essence of real taste through services bursting with creativity and passion. Let's plan your gastronomic journey.  

Chef Iosif Sikianakis | Σεφ Ιωσήφ Συκιανάκης